Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Banned Books Week 2008

The Sullivan Library and Learning Resource Center will be commemorating Banned & Challenged Books Week September 27 through October 4. Come by the library and browse the display of challenged book and video titles and pick up a free bookmark. More information can also be found by looking at the Banned Books Week bulletin board in the student lounge, by asking one of the librarians, or by reading about Banned Books on the American Library Association’s website.

While the books on display in the Library and Learning Resource Center have not been banned by this library, someone has been successful at banning or challenging them at another library in the United States. Thanks to passionate librarians and teachers many book challenges are unsuccessful. Because of their efforts, the books found here and in libraries around the world can continued to be enjoyed by readers for many generations.

What is a banned or challenged book?
  • A banned book has been removed from a library because of a successful challenge against its content.
  • A challenged book is one in which someone attempts to have it removed from the library or restrict where it can be shelved in the library.

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