Monday, April 13, 2009

National Library Week - Library Links

It's National Library Week -- learn more about libraries around the world with the following unusual websites :
  • European Library Web Exhibition - featuring pictures highlighting the architecture of the great libraries of Europe
  • Libraries' Surprising Special Collections - list of esoteric collections found in U.S. libraries, such as the nation's largest collection of nurse romance novels housed at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
  • Map of Library Cats - annotated world map with libraries that have a library cat in residence.
  • Galaxy of Images - did you know there are 20 libraries that support the research functions of the Smithsonian Institution? A gallery of images taken from the the 1.5 million books and manuscripts in the Smithsonian Library collection.
  • History of Mobile Libraries - before the automobile, a pictorial history of library materials delivery via wagon, donkey and even by railroad car.
  • George Kelly Paperback and Pulp Fiction Collection - the Kelly Collection contains over 25,000 pulp fiction books and magazines. Includes gallery of cover art and detailed summaries of selected books.
  • Librarians in the Movies - catalogs and annotates over 500 films that has either had a librarian character or library as scenery.

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