Friday, July 17, 2009

Mama, a Baby Hippo, and a Turtle

What do the book Mama, an orphaned hippo, and an elderly tortoise have in common?

Mama: A True Story in Which a Baby Hippo Loses His Mama During a Tsunami, But Finds a New Home and a New Mama, written by Jeanette Winter, tells the story of an orphaned hippo whose mother died in the tsunami of 2004. After being rescued and taken to a wildife reserve, the hippo befriended a tortoise named Mzee. Using only one word, mama, Ms. Winter conveys the heartbreak of the hippo and the security it finds in its friendship with the tortoise. Mama is one of the new titles available in the Sullivan Library & Learning Resource Center, and the library staff invites you to come check it out along with our other new arrivals.

To see the real hippo and tortoise, named Owen & Mzee respectively, check out their blog for pictures and updated information about them. The blog also has reports about the other activities and animals that live on the wild game reserve.

Owen & Mzee's Blog

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