Monday, February 3, 2014

A Celebration of Black History Month

As the Winter Olympic Games begin on February 7, in Sochi, Russia, they overlap with a remembrance and celebration of African Americans in the United States known as Black History Month. The Sullivan University Library in Lexington has a Black History Month display up in the library that briefly chronicles the history of African Americans, from early U.S. history through the present.

In addition to the display, the library will host a trivia completion, Jeopardy-style, on our Facebook page, with the theme being black Olympians. For even more Black History Month information, please visit our blog, our Pinterest page, our Twitter feed, and our Tumblr page, where we will feature books about African Americans and African American history.

Take the opportunity this Black History Month to discover more about the history of the United States and the Olympics. 

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