Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Helpful Resources for the Career Expo

Have you seen the signs and heard the news? Tomorrow is the Sullivan University Career Expo, and the library has the resources to make your cover letter and résumé shine. The titles below are just a sampling of what is available in the library. If you want to see more books, just ask one of the librarians to assist you.

A CD-ROM of cover-letter templates and samples accompanies this guide that details how to prepare attention getting cover letters. Don’t forget the importance of a well-written cover letter; it is what piques the interest of those hiring to look at a résumé.

Are you curious about what makes a good résumé? If so, check out David Noble’s book that features a collection of sample résumés, for a variety of positions, and tips on how to write and create cover letters and résumés that get results.

101 Smart Questions to Ask on Your Interview by Ronald W. Fry; 331.1 F946o
The cover letter was stunning and made the hiring manager want to look at the résumé. The well-crafted résumé prompted a phone call to set up an interview. Now that an interview is scheduled, how does one prepare for it? One of the most critical pieces of an interview is the part when the candidate gets to ask questions of the prospective employers, and this book has information about how to ask great questions during the interview.

Reply All-and Other Ways to Tank Your Career by Richie Frieman; 395.52 F911r

This is the guide for the person who aced the interview and got the job but is nervous about how to navigate the workplace. Humorous cartoons, case studies, and numerous tips fill this helpful volume. 

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