Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Finals Week as Told by Buddy the Elf, Day 3

You go to sit for your first final. The instructor says, "Before we begin the exam, please turn in your paper that was assigned at the beginning of the quarter." You suddenly realize that you have no paper, because you immediately forgot about it; because, well, it was the beginning of the quarter and, after all, you had plenty of time.

To make matters worse, once you've taken the exam, and later on as you are going over in your mind your answers, you realized you flubbed a very basic question.

That evening, you reflect on you poor performance during the day's exams. Especially when you realize that you could have gone to the library and gotten help from the friendly and resourceful library staff.

Better luck tomorrow. Though we hope that you didn't have a day like this at all!

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