Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Issues in the news : 2008 Presidential Election

Its difficult to pick up a newspaper, turn on the TV or browse news on the internet without finding many articles discussing the upcoming Presidential Election. How does a person make sense of it all? Sometimes starting at the beginning is the best route--

The political parties - Democrats / Republicans - have web pages advertising the candidates as well as information about what each group believes. The candidates have pages: McCain, Clinton, Obama.

Since the Democratic nomination is to be determined, delegates and super-delegates are part of every discussion. The DNC web site also has information on how to become a delegate -- there may still be time!

And news sources all have coverage~ CNN, the Atlantic, Wall Street Journal, Yahoo, New York Times, Google News, and of course Wikipedia. The Wikipedia entry contains an election timeline that helps to track important dates for both past and upcoming events.

And finally, library books. The Lexington Campus library has the following books that would provide informative reading:
  • Inside the presidential debates : their improbable past and promising future. By Newton N. Minow and Craig L. LaMay. 324.7 M666i
  • Media spectacle and the crisis of democracy : terrorism, war, and election battles. By Douglas Kellner. 302.23 K29m
  • Presidential election process. 324.6 P933 2008
  • Presidential facts : topical lists, comparisons, and statistics. By Edward S. Skinner. R 973.099 S628p

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