Friday, March 11, 2011

Women and the Right to Vote in the U.S.

Women’s Right to Vote: America’s Suffrage Movement by Katie Marsico

In this chronological account of the women’s suffrage movement in the United States, Ms. Marsico details the events and the major participants involved in securing women’s right to vote. Though women could vote in some states, until the 19th amendment was ratified, there was no national law granting women’s suffrage. Even with the 19th amendment, African American women couldn’t vote until the Voting Rights Act was passed in the 1960s. The author highlights the less glamorous side of the struggle women faced, by talking about the arrest and forced feeding of some of the activists. The well-researched text is accompanied by black-and-white color photographs, which document the suffragists, their marches, and contemporary activists today.
To find out more information about this book, click here, and to learn more about women’s suffrage, legislation related to women’s rights, or women’s history, stop by the Sullivan Library and Learning Resource Center. One of the librarians will be glad to assist you.

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