Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Women History: A Cornucopia

The library received two journals with our mail today that featured women or women's issues in them.

The first journal, Newsweek, has Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton on the cover. Inside the March 14th issue is an article about Secretary Clinton and her work with women and women's rights around the world. The most recent issue also highlights 150 women who shake the world.

In the second journal, T+D (Training + Development), writers Saudra Stroope and Bonnie Hagemann ask if women have made much progress in gaining executive leadership positions in corporate America. The article can be accessed through the Academic Search Premier database in EBSCOhost.

The library has both of these journals here in the periodicals section, and one of the librarians will be glad to help you locate them.

Newsweek, March 14, 2011
T+D, March 2011

Check the blog again later this week for more about women's history.

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