Monday, December 15, 2014

Study Hacks to Help You During Finals Week

Acing your finals would be really cool, right? Or, at least getting a good grade?  Most likely you don't have one of these:
Sure would be nice to have one though!

Take a look at these study hacks. One of them may make the difference between merely getting by or doing really well.

1. Use an app on your computer to eliminate distractions while studying.
For PCs, try Cold Turkey. For Mac, try Self Control. Sorry, there isn't a mobile app for either service, though Cold Turkey will work on Windows-based tablets such as Surface Pro 3 with a full Windows installation.


The secret to continuous studying is some sort of reward system. The next couple of hacks will demonstrate this.

2. When reading, leave a gummy bear trail. 
(Or use any other favorite, small treat like a Jolly Roger or Hershey's Kiss.) When you reach the treat, you get to eat it!

3. Give yourself a 5-minute break after studying for 25 minutes. This is called the Pomodoro Technique (click the link to learn more).

Other hacks you can try:

4. Try an interactive flashcard site like Quizlet. 
Quizlet also offers mobile versions for your phone or table.

5. Before taking a test, write down all the relevant information you can think of on an index card. 
Pretend it's a piece of paper that the instructor will allow you to have while taking the test.

You can review these, and check out more study hacks here: Buzzfeed: 17 Little Tricks to Help You Ace All Your Tests

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