Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Festival of Lights

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The Festival of Lights or the Feast of Dedication, also known as Chanukah, began last night at sundown. What is Chanukah, also spelled Hanukkah, and why do members of the Jewish faith celebrate it? According to the book, Holiday Symbols and Customs, Hanukkah is a time to remember how the Jews overcame persecution and rebelled against the Syrian-Greek King Antiochus in the second century A.D. (Henderson, 2009). Hanukkah occurs during an eight day period sometime between the dates of November 25 and December 26 (Henderson, 2009). Followers of Judaism celebrate Hanukkah by lighting a menorah, “a special eight-branched candlestick,” each night of the holiday (Breuilly, 2002). In addition to the menorah, the dreidel, a small, top like object and latkes, potato pancakes, are also symbols of the holiday.

The Sullivan library has some Hanukkah specific resources that are featured below, but we also have books about holidays and festivals which contain information and images related to Hanukkah in them. To learn more about Hanukkah, stop by the library and check out some of the resources we have, or visit this site.

Jacques Pepin’s Chanukah Celebration
By Jacques Pepin
DVD 641.568 J19cha
Pepin and his daughter cook a feast to celebrate the holiday Chanukah. According to the DVD summary, their menu is, “a French-inspired Chanukah dinner menu.”

The Hanukkah Mice
By Steven Kroll and illustrated by Michelle Shapiro

A family of mice plays with the gifts that a girl named Rachel receives for Hanukkah. 

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