Monday, August 24, 2015

Beach Party: Book Spine Poetry

What If? 
Summer Gatherings
To the Beach

Beach Party
What If? By Laura Vaccaro Seeger; JF S
Seeger, a Caldecott-honor artist, imagines what can happen to a ball when it is kicked into the ocean by a boy.

Peaches, corn, and other bounties of the season are just part of the ingredients found in this summer-themed cookbook.

Wave by Suzy Lee; JF L
A girl is very afraid of the beach, but when she gets to the beach she enjoys her time in the waves. This is a wordless picture book.

To the Beach by Thomas Docherty; JF D
A young child takes goggles, an inner tube, a bathing suit, and. . . a camel to the beach. Join him on this imaginative adventure.

Beaches: 100 Ultimate Escapes by Stefano Passaquindici; 910.9146 P286b
As the title suggests, readers can learn about 100 beautiful beaches like the famous Copacabana and the not-so-famous Love Beach.

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