Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Book Spine Poetry: The Other Side of the Coin

"The Other Side of the Coin"

The art of argument
Making your case
I dissent
Winning an appeal

The Art of Argument: A Guide to Mooting by Christopher Kee 340.0711 K26a
No, not mooching, mooting. Use this book to learn what mooting is and how to defend an argument for a mooting competition.

Making Your Case: The Art of Persuading Judges by Antonin Scalia and Bryan Garner 340.0711 S282m
A Supreme Court justice and the editor of Black’s Law Dictionary work collaboratively to tell attorneys and the general public how to argue a case and get results.

Dissents from over ten different high-profile Supreme Court cases are included in this compact volume along with along with Mr. Tushnet’s analysis.

Winning an Appeal by Myron Moskovitz 347.7307 M911w
An appellate litigator, who once clerked for a California Supreme Court Justice, breaks down what makes a good legal brief. 

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