Friday, April 4, 2014

Living History: A Great Constitutional

Today's poem is "A Great Constitutional"

The Poem:
Shaping America
Liberty's blueprint
The Living Constitution
American epic

The Books:
Shaping America: The Supreme Court and American Society by Edward F. Mannino; 347.7326 M284s
See the history of the United States through the lens of the Supreme Court and the many decisions its justices have decided. 

Though it may not sound cool and exciting, Mr. Meyeson’s book is part of the history of the U. S. Read it and you’ll have a better understanding of the history of the Federalist Papers and its authors. 

The Living Constitution by David A. Strauss; 342.02 S912l
In this book Strauss argues with conservative Supreme Court justices about whether or not the U.S. Constitution is a living or dead document. 

American Epic: Reading the U.S. Constitution by Garrett Epps; 342.7302 E644a
In this in-depth look at the U.S. Constitution, Mr. Epps describes different ways of reading the Constitution: scriptural, legal, lyric, and epic.

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