Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Un-Easy Rider

Today's book spine poem is about a motorcyclist's bad day.

Once upon a cool motorcycle dude
Off-ramps and on-ramps
Sixty to zero. :-(

The Books:
Once Upon a Cool Motorcycle Dude by Kevin O’Malley, Carol Heyer, and Scott Goto; JF O
At school a girl and a boy write their own versions of a fairy tale that includes ponies, princesses, motorcycles, and gold. 

Ms. Hewlett discusses the phenomenon women who left the workforce for family reasons face when they try to re-enter the job market. 

What do a best-selling Harvard Business Review case study, a decades-old U.S. company, and welding have in common? Check out Mr. Koller’s book titled Spark to learn about what binds those three things. 

Boom: Marketing to the Ultimate Power Consumer—the Baby-Boomer Woman by Mary Brown and Carol Orsborn; 658.834 B879b
Two executives at Imago Creative describe how they use market research to woo baby boomer women into to buying products. 

A veteran auto-industry reporter details what happened at GM and in Detroit that led to GM’s collapse.

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