Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Library Adventures of Gnorm: Gnorm Borrows a Book

Gnorm was ecstatic when he learned he could borrow books from the library; that he could borrow up to ten for a two-week period, and that he could renew them for another two weeks as long as someone else didn't need them.  He wanted more time to read one of the books he looked at, so he came right up to the service desk to have one of the friendly librarians check out the book to him. He was so happy about it, that while Ms. H. was going through the borrowing process, he serenaded her with his ukulele—quietly of course.

He was so happy about borrowing a book that he came up to yours truly and proudly showed off his receipt!

Who knows what adventure Gnorm will have tomorrow! Come back to the blog then to find out.

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