Monday, April 29, 2013

The Library Adventures of Gnorm: Using the Photocopier

Gnorm feels so comfortable printing PowerPoint slides that he thinks he can master the photocopier now. Not only does the copy machine seem enormous to a little gnome like Gnorm, he’s not really sure what all of the buttons and lights do.

Thankfully, Gnorm remembers that he can ask the Friendly Librarians to assist him with the copier since no question is too simple or silly. The librarian who helps Gnorm tells him that it costs ten cents to make a single copy with the library’s copy machine. Gnorm has the exact change, which he proudly shows to the librarian:

She tells him that the copier will also take quarters, nickels, dimes, and bills and give back any unused change.

Gnorm hops right up on the copier, something no human can or should do, to place his book in the proper location in the top left-hand corner of the copier.

The librarian pushes the copy button for Gnorm because his hands are occupied. Once he finishes playing the ukulele, he can push the button for himself, of course.

Where did Gnorm’s copy go? Is it on the side in one of the trays? Did the copier not work? The librarian tells Gnorm to look underneath the copy area because that is where all of the completed copy jobs go. Presto! Gnorm is delighted to see his copy right there in front of him.

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