Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Library Adventures of Gnorm: Farewell, Gnorm!

Today is a sad day for the Friendly Librarians. This is the last day Gnorm will spend with us. As Gnorm gets ready to leave, he notices a bookcase that he's been by many times in his month here in the library.  "Paperback Exchange?" he wonders. By now he knows just what to do; he asks one of the Friendly Librarians what it is.

She tells him that the Paperback Exchange is a library service in which people donate used paperback books to the library, so that others can read them too. People see a book they like in the Exchange bookcase, and they take it to read. Later, they either bring back the book they read or they can trade in another paperback book they have already read. That's why it's called an exchange.

Gnorm thinks this is a great idea. He rummages in his backpack and produces a paperback to give to the Exchange. He then selects one he wants from the collection. At the entrance, he says good-bye.

So long, Gnorm!

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