Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Library Adventures of Gnorm: Gnorm Discovers PowerPoint Printing

Today Gnorm learns how to print a PowerPoint presentation and save paper—and time!—doing it. 
Gnorm: “I need to print a PowerPoint lesson for one of my basic culinary classes. How do I do that?”
A Friendly Librarian: “Glad you asked. Let’s go through it together.”
Gnorm and the Friendly Librarian sit together at a terminal. Gnorm logs in with his Sullivan ID and password. He opens “My Computer” and finds the folder with the PowerPoint presentations for his class. He opens the lesson he needs to print.

Gnorm: “Alright. I’m ready to print. I don’t want to print a single slide per sheet of paper. That will use too much paper and my notebook is too small to hold it all printed that way. Besides, I’d like to take notes by the slide too. Is there a way to do that?”
A Friendly Librarian: “Why, yes there is, as a matter of fact. First, Gnorm, click on “File” on the menu ribbon, and then select print.”
Gnorm: “Okay, now what?”
Friendly Librarian: “Select “Print Layout”, and then select “3 Slides.” This will place three slides per page with a space for notes by each one.”
Gnorm: “like this?”   

Friendly librarian: “Yes, that’s right. Now you can print.”
Gnorm: “Cool! Instead of forty-five pages with no place for notes, I’ll only have fifteen to carry around and can take notes right by the slide too.”

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