Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Library Adventures of Gnorm: Databases

Gnorm heard about something called a database, which sounded kind of intimidating to him, and he decided to ask one of the librarians what they were and how to use them. Gnorm learned that databases could have articles, company and legal information, and electronic books in them. The librarian then showed him out how to access databases at Sullivan University. First, Gnorm went to the library’s website where he clicked on the “Login to Databases” link.

Next, he clicked on the link that said, “Click Here to Login to Databases.” He saw that with his Sullivan ID he could login to the databases off-campus too. Cool!

Gnorm noticed that there were many databases to choose from, and he got a little overwhelmed. The librarian suggested that he use the EBSCO database collection, which had several subject databases within it, because he wanted information about, what else, gnomes.

He selected the Academic Search Premier database, a database within the EBSCO group, as it covered a wide range of topics.

Gnorm typed in the word "gnomes" in the search box.

Before he hit the search button though, he realized that he could limit his search results to full-text articles published in 2013. Gnorm realized that database searching wasn’t so bad after all. The librarian would even help him if he got stuck.

Gnorm barely contained his excitement (gnomes are awfully good at appearing calm even when ecstatic) when he saw the first result from his search.

If Gnorm can overcome his fears about database searching, he knows anything is possible.

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