Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Library Adventures of Gnorm: National Library Week

What’s this? Has Gnorm left the library? Nope, he is just visiting the library’s display about National Library Week, a week set aside to remember the importance of libraries.  The theme for library week at the Lexington campus is “Librarian Stereotypes in Media and Popular Culture."

While reading the comics and quotes in the display, Gnorm sees bookmarks that he can take for free. 

You can almost hear him chuckle in this next picture as he poses with the librarian action figure that comes with, “amazing push-button shushing action.”  

Gnorm enjoys the graphics and quotes that help him reflect on what the library has meant to him thus far. He’s learned new things, done some armchair travelling, and found people willing to help him expand his horizons.

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